Merchant Solutions

žGFM merchant solution provides a program that guarantees a lower rate based on your business. GFM is partnered with Vantiv, one of the world’s largest merchant solutions provider. Clients that use Vantiv include Best Buy, Smiths, and through Vantiv, GFM is able to provide competitive rates and sometimes without even a contract. GFM’s wide range of clientele has seen a significant increase in revenue just by switching.

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Partnered Solutions

žBy partnering with us, GFM becomes an integral part of a specific business. Together, we will help strategize the best ways to market, sell, increase visibility and organize the business goals. To do this , GFM uses a personalized and customized method unique to each individual business.

—Example of a partnered client:

Soccer Mesh is a team management web and phone application that allows team mangers to:

  • Create schedules for practices and games
  • Communicate to parents and teams changes in the schedules or other information
  • Tracks players and team stats

GFM‘s goal is to increase membership with this partner by promoting the brand locally and nationally. We have a few strategies in place and are working on a Case Study to measure success rate. To learn more about Soccer Mesh, visit: