—Every marketing strategy is made up of 4 key ingredients:

  • Product /Services- what does your customer need?
  • Promotion- what communications are you using: Print, online, radio…etc.?
  • Price – do you have competitive pricing?
  • Distribution –where is your product or service in the community?

—At GFM, we believe in these 4 ingredients and modify them accordingly for any type of business. By using these elements, it can help increase business profits and retain customers.

Branding: Remember your brand is a reflection of you as a business!

At GFM we know how important it is to keep a brand fresh and exciting. —We look at 3 aspects of a businesses brand:

  • Consistency : is the brand the same on all advertising – logo, website, letterhead
  • Exposure: are you everywhere in the business world – internet, networking events
  • Simplicity : is the brand easy to remember

Making sure a business is gaining maximum exposure is GFM’s number one priority. If a brand is need of a re-design, GFM can help a business re-brand itself.

—Remember, a brand is a reflection of you as a business!